Plumber repairing an hot-water heater



Since 1994 , with a privat capital , our firm is specialized in constructing and erecting  „turn – key” central steam power plants and heating plants used for producing warm and hot water for heating buildings or in the technological processes for all kind of industries , equiped with steam boylers or hot and warm water boylers ( with gas , liquid or solid fuel ), heat exchangers , all kind of piping sistems , air conditionning sistems ,  isolations and automatic control operations sistems.

Our works are executed by documentations – legally approved in Romania , made by us or by partners , or received from customers .

We have a strong Technical Department , which is using the last Infomation Technology and software approved in EU and can exactly evaluate any project from economy reasons.

Also , we can supply the equipments (boylers , pumps , burners and automatic control accesories ) at the best prices from import or from Romania .

We offer service in warranty and after , by contract.

If you are interested and you want to make a lucrative business , do not hesitate to contact us , beacouse that’s the place . We hope to satisfy you !


Best Regards,

Megaterm Team